Iberdrola Renovables Internacional's commitment to sustainability and innovation

Innovation is the main tool of Iberdrola Renovables Internacional, S.A.U. to guarantee its sustainability, efficiency and competitiveness. Some of the most important projects in the countries in which the company develops its activity and that confirm the commitment of the group to R&D+i are:

Innovation on renewable energies within Iberdrola Group

  • DOMINA: it's Iberdrola's corporate asset management tool for its renewable assets. Its fundamental pillars are to ensure the maximum useful life of the facilities and maximize the knowledge of the technology. More information
  • ROMEO: this project seeks to develop new models and tools for early detection of faults through the application of advanced big data techniques.

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Offshore wind farms

Offshore wind energy is the clean and renewable energy obtained by taking advantage of the force of the wind that is produced on the high seas, where it reaches a higher and more constant speed than on land due to the absence of barriers. In order to make the most of this resource, mega-structures are installed that are seated on the seabed and equipped with the latest technical innovations.

Vineyard Wind will be the first offshore wind project launched by Iberdrola group in the USA.Vineyard Wind will be the first offshore wind project launched by Iberdrola group in the USA.

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Iberdrola Innovation Middle East 

Iberdrola Innovation Middle East is a world-leading innovation centre, launched in 2016 and located at the Qatar Science & Technology Park, that aims at defining 'the digital utility', developing innovative solutions in smart grids, distributed renewable energy integration and energy efficiency.

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