Iberdrola Renewables Australia

Australia, a key market for the Group's global growth

As part of its strategy against climate change, the Iberdrola group operates renewable energy projects around the world, with an increasing focus on new markets such as Australia. The production of green energy in the Oceania country continues to increase and is expected to accelerate its growth over the next 10 years.

In this line, in 2020 we successfully completed a friendly takeover bid for 100% of the Australian renewable energy company Infigen Energy, now Iberdrola Australia.

Thanks to this transaction, the group has become one of the leaders in the Australian market, currently with 940 MW of installed renewable capacity. In Australia, we also have a project portfolio of more than 3 GW in various technologies, at different stages of development and located in the states of New South Wales, South Australia and Queensland.

Port Augusta project.Port Augusta project.

Among the most emblematic installations is Port Augusta, our first hybrid wind-solar plant in the world, which represents an investment of AU$500 million (more than €310 million). Located in the state of South Australia, the plant combines a 210 MW wind farm and a 107 MW photovoltaic plant.

Our portfolio of renewable energy assets is one of the largest in Australia. In addition to our own assets, we also contract in-country production from other renewable operators, enabling us to serve a wide range of customers.

To continue to lead the renewable energy transition and put customers in the driver's seat, we also acquired Autonomous Energy, a leading Australian engineering and construction company offering a wide range of green energy solutions, at the end of 2021. With this acquisition, Australian customers will have access to integrated and optimised green energy solutions that will reduce their energy costs and emissions.


Iberdrola Australia agrees to supply Woolworths Group with 100% renewable electricity in South Australia [PDF]

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