Strategic alliances between Iberdrola Renovables Internacional and its suppliers

As head of business companies of the Iberdrola Group, Iberdrola Renovables Internacional, S.A.U. guarantees the strategic alignment of awards, as well as conformity between the processes and approved purchasing procedures and compliance with the requirements defined. The supplier selection processes are based on criteria of impartiality and equal opportunities. We promote publicity and competition in the selection processes within the criteria for management efficiency.

If you are not yet an Iberdrola Group supplier and you would like to be, you can find here all the information: "Do you want to become an Iberdrola supplier?".

In addition, if you have been invited to take part in one of our tenders, you can find all the information about all the purchasing platforms and how to summit your offer on page "Bids and tenders" of the Iberdrola Group corporate website.

In addition, the Iberdrola Group has created the Purchase orders and invoices section to streamline the information and daily management of certain transactions with providers.

Human rights and business

Human rights are relevant to businesses because they can have an impact on the human rights of all their Stakeholders during the course of their operations. Please take a look at our online sensitivity-training module on human rights, which is accessible to all of providers.

Learn how companies can affect the human rights of Stakeholders.