Rokas Renewables, a pioneer in the development of wind energy in Greece

Brief description of our history in Greece

C. Rokas S.A. (Rokas Renewables) has pioneered wind energy development in Greece maintaining its business focus on renewable energy since the 1990s. Sustainable growth had always been at the core of Rokas Renewables' corporate values and drive.

The company is vertically integrated, meaning that all business aspects are run and developed in-house. Design, development, construction, operation and maintenance of projects are done internally.

Iberdrola found in Rokas Renewables an ideal business partner to join forces and pursue a shared ground-breaking vision, completing its acquisition in 2007.

The scope and depth of the company's activities serve to underline the magnitude of the added value that Rokas Renewables has brought into the sector and the important impact it has created for both the Greek and the European renewables market. 

Today, Rokas Renewables maintains its position among the top leaders in the Greek wind energy market in terms of installed capacity, with a solid incentive to accelerate its growth even further.

Rokani wind farm installation completed in Greece

Activities & projects

Rokas Renewables currently, operates 24 wind farms and 4 photovoltaic (PV) parks with a total installed capacity of 441.2 MW, spread across Greece (in the regions of Central Greece, Crete, Thrace, West Macedonia, Thessaly, Peloponnese and Dodecanese) and Cyprus (Agia Anna). 

Map of under construction projects and operating installations in Greece

The company is also developing a resilient and dynamic pipeline of new projects with a balanced mix of mature wind, solar and storage projects in Greece, with plans to install significant additional capacity.

Business/country outlook (growth perspectives)

Global climate change policies further reinforce the role of renewables in the European energy transition. The pursuance of a solid RES investment program is not only a necessity for Greece but also a one-way solution for sustainable growth.

The energy generation transition highlights the comparative advantage of Greece's renewable energy market, from an investment point of view, which demonstrates significant wind and solar prospects.

Additional opportunities for the country's energy sector are coming up from further implementing the islands' grid interconnection as well as the development of the country's offshore wind industry, energy storage and hydrogen technologies.


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