Our commitment to the environment

As head of business companies of the Iberdrola group, Iberdrola Renovables Internacional, S.A.U., shares its environmental approach and values.

The environment is one of the cornerstones that define our company, which carries out its activity following the principle of sustainability that has historically governed the company. Thus, it has continued to offer an essential service to society, namely producing and supplying electricity, in a responsible and reliable way, contributing to the well-being and the development of the societies in which it operates.

More information on the environmental policies of the Iberdrola group

Against climate change

The Iberdrola group takes part in institutions, organisations and national and global events in order to support the creation of climate policies and encourage decided participation by the private sector, contributing with analysis and positionings in decarbonisation strategies.

Iberdrola supports the objective of zero net emissions by 2050, convinced of the viability and opportunities of this scenario and of the central role of the electricity sector.

A climate neutral Europe. It's possible and will deliver huge opportunities.


 Iberdrola's vision on achieving the goal of zero net emissions by 2050 [PDF]


More information on the Iberdrola group's climate commitment

As part of its commitment to improving society, the group has also designed a Corporate Volunteering Program, one of its strengths being the fight against climate change.

Click on the link below to access our podcasts addressing climate change and its main consequences.

Likewise, the company manifests its commitment to safeguarding and promoting the biodiversity of ecosystems through its biodiversity plans and programs.

These Iberdrola commitments have had the company included in numerous sustainability indexes that measure companies' economic, environmental and social effort.