Our Commitments

We share the vision and values of Iberdrola Group

As head of business companies of the Iberdrola group, Iberdrola Renovables Internacional, S.A.U., shares its corporate purpose and values and adopts the same social responsibility commitments, policies and practices.

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Committed to the Sustainable Development Goals

The Iberdrola group has embraced the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals as part of its business strategy and its Corporate Governance System.

The activities of Iberdrola Renovables Internacional, S.A.U., a company of the Iberdrola group, focus on supplying affordable and clean energy (goal 7) and actions to combat climate change (goal 13), promoting efficient energy use.

In addition, the group makes a direct contribution to guarantee clean water and sanitation (goal 6), has increased its investment in R&D activities (goal 9), promotes the respect to life on land (goal 15) and works to establish partnerships for the goals (goal 17), while contributing indirectly to the rest of the SDGs.