Iberdrola Renewables Taiwan

Iberdrola, key to the energy transition in Taiwan

Established for more than 170 years, Spain-headquartered IberdrolaExternal link, opens in new window. , the world’s second largest electricity company in terms of market capitalization, is now a world-class leader in global offshore wind development as a result of its tireless efforts dedicated to energy transition and combating climate change for the past thirty years. 

Iberdrola currently has 40 GW of renewables capacityExternal link, opens in new window.  world-wide, aiming for an increase to reach 52 GW by 2025. In terms of offshore wind business, Iberdrola has 1.4 GW in operation, 3.5 GW under construction and more than 25 GW under development, helping with the provision of stable electricity and services to more than 30 million people. 

Iberdrola has brought the energy transitionExternal link, opens in new window.  forward two decades to combat climate change and provide a clean, reliable and smart business model.

Offshore Wind Projects in Taiwan 


To engage in the fast-growing, promising Taiwan renewable energy market, Iberdrola set up an office in Taipei in 2021 as a base for its expanding APAC footprint. Iberdrola Taiwan is currently developing two offshore wind projects totaling up to near 1 GW in installation capacity for Taiwan’s Zonal Development Round 3.2 selection. 

Our fully localised project team, consisting of technical, consenting, commercial and policy experts, are focused on supporting the 1200 MW Da Chung Bu and 350 MW Guo Feng offshore wind farms for the selection process in end of 2023 

Da ChUng Bu Offshore Wind Project 

Location: Taichung City and Changhua County waters
Nearest distance to shore: 35 km 
Total installation capacity: 1.2 GW
Type of foundation: Fixed bottom 
Expected COD: 2029 


Guo Feng Offshore Wind Project 

Location: Intersection of Changhua and Penghu waters 
Nearest distance to shore: 36 km
Total Installation Capacity: 350 MW 
Foundation Type: Fixed bottom 
Expected COD: 2029 


Here to stay - Iberdrola’s long-term commitment to Taiwan 

Iberdrola is committed to working collaboratively with our government, industry and civil society stakeholders, including all users of the ocean, environmental organizations and other public interest groups, to maximise the social and economic impact of offshore wind. 

We have also set up a dedicated unit to localise our supply chain where possible, in accordance with Taiwan’s Industrial Relevance Plan for offshore wind development.External link, opens in new window. 


Looking forward – Iberdrola’s vision for Taiwan 

Looking ahead, Iberdrola Taiwan will not only develop, construct, and maintain our wind farms in Taiwan, we will actively engage in conversation of both central, local governments as well as relevant authorities to accelerate the build-out of energy storage and hydrogen facilities/applications.

We look forward to leverage and transfer the successful experiences as well as knowledge about hydrogen production, to assist Taiwan’s decarbonization in heavy industry and transportation department through providing efficient, carbon neutral fuels, dedicating our efforts to become Taiwan’s most reliable partner towards its Net-Zero Emissions goal in 2050. 

Through the development of the projects in Taiwan, Iberdrola will work with the local supply chain and stakeholders to foster a long-term, sustainable offshore wind industry. Iberdrola has a strong-track record of delivering benefits and investing in the countries it operates within and will continue to adopt this approach as it develops projects in Taiwan.  If you are interested in finding out more information regarding how you can register to be a supplier for these projects, please click hereExternal link, opens in new window. 


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